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Should you start multiple businesses? (I built something new)

As a maker, it's easy to get distracted by new technologies or emerging fads. But is it a great idea to start more than one thing? Also, I started a new thing...

What not to work on next (advice from successful founders)

Josh goes over some things he's learning about juggling priorities as a founder/GM

You should be collecting customer feedback

Three major things I've learned about customer feedback so far working on a customer feedback platform.

What is "normal" now?

What will "business as usual" look like after this whole thing blows over? Plus; a few ways us techies can help during a pandemic.

Getting COVID-19, un-productivity hacks, and market differentiators

A bit of an update about the fam & I (as we've been recovering from COVID-19). I also rant about one of the best differentiators I think a business can have in a crowded market.

Head of Product at

Joshua interviews the new Head of Product at

Rob Walling of MicroConf & TinySeed on his Stairstep Approach to Bootstrapping

Rob Walling (of MicroConf, TinySeed, Drip, HitTail...) takes the mic to talk about the approach he - and now many others - have taken to go from side gig to a profitable SaaS business.

The big Stripe dispute: a cautionary tale

While driving his mini-van home one evening, Josh talks about a Stripe dispute that happened over Christmas time and gives updates on Podmelon (his newly branded podcast editing business) and Upscribe.

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